Ride like a local

Make the most of your trail time by riding with a guide. TrailPilot's unique audio interface rides with you, guiding you through the turns and features on the best routes in the region. It's more fun to ride with someone who knows the ins and outs of the trail. Don't look lost, ride like a local!

Now available: 10 audio tours covering 100 miles of our favorite mountain bike rides in NW Arkansas! 

​Note:  Trail Tours is now TrailPilot! We rebranded, doubling down on our focus of helping everyone make their first run more fun. The new app is available now and will automatically update if you already have it installed. 

More than Directions

Our app not only keeps you on track, but also warns you about trail features like jumps & drops. You’ll know when to expect fast flow, chunky, or technical spots, and may even get the inside scoop on some local history and culture!

Hand-picked routes

Our Ride Guides really know the local trails. Like riding with a friend that’s ridden this trail forever, we won’t let you slog the loop backwards or miss the good alternate lines.

Ditch the Map

You can’t ride and look at a map at the same time. With TrailPilot, not only will you hear navigation guidance like “turn right ahead,” but you’ll also get expert guidance from your Ride Guide just when you need it.

Plays Nicely

Listen to music, use Strava, or even take calls while using TrailPilot. You can use any other app while adding on guidance with no additional impact to your battery. Your audio will simply mute temporarily while the tour plays.

Eyes On The Trail

TrailPilot is delivered as an audio-only experience on the trail that lets you focus on the terrain, not your screen. Keep your phone in your pack and your eyes ahead.

You Set the Pace

Our Ride Guide rides at exactly the same speed as you. Need a break after that climb? Take as long as you want to catch your breath. Your GPS triggers waypoints so you’ll always hear guidance when it’s relevant, no matter how fast you ride.

Venture Out

If you always find yourself on the same familiar trails, take a tour of something new. We’ll make sure you know what to expect along the way. You can even preview the tour so you know what our Ride Guide has to say before you mount the bike.

Ride With Friends

Or not. If you're riding with a group, use one earbud so you can chat. There is plenty of time between waypoints to complain about that climb. If a rider gets separated from the group your Ride Guide will make sure they don’t miss a turn until they catch up.

Ride with a Guide

Like turn-by-turn directions on the trail, but better

TrailPilot makes mountain biking more accessible, safe and fun for riders of all skill levels. By combining turn-by-turn directions guidance from experienced locals, we'll open up more terrain with less hassle.

Make your first run more fun by riding with a Ride Guide. 

How it works

  1. Download the TrailPilot app on the Apple App Store for free.
  2. Choose a tour from the catalog based on terrain, length, difficulty, elevation, or even the ride guide’s personality. 
  3. Download the tour.
  4. Get directions to the tour trailhead within the app.
  5. Connect your Bluetooth earphones and start your tour.

How it sounds

Most Ride Guides speak in their own voice. Here is an example of some audio you will hear on the Modelo Loop tour, guided by Dave Neal.


In this example, you will hear Brittany DuCharme, your Ride Guide on the Down Under tour


    TrailPilot in the Apple App Store


    While TrailPilot is best enjoyed with its audio interface while out riding, the app makes it easy to choose a tour and preview the route before you mount up. 

    Don't take our word for it...

    Riders who've tried TrailPilot love it.