How Trail Tours Works

How it works

Trail Tours is a GPS-enabled mountain biking app for iOS that allows you to enjoy a guided tour of a trail given by a local expert. You can see the route, description and details of each tour before deciding if you want to purchase it. 

Unlike watching a YouTube video of a trail or trying to find your way using a map, Trail Tours rides with you. Start the tour in the app and start riding!

The tour consists of a series of audio snippets that play in your headphones just as you are approaching the part of the trail where you need guidance. Your tour experience will include information about upcoming features, option lines, hazards and turns. 


In order to enjoy Trail Tours on your mountain bike, you will need:

  • A recent iPhone, we've tested with iPhone 6s and newer
  • Earphones, we prefer one wireless earbud
  • Location services enabled while using the app

To enjoy the best experience with Trail Tours, it's helpful to:

  • Have your phone mounted on the handlebars or in the top/outer pocket of a backpack, with a clear view of the sky for better GPS accuracy
  • Wireless headphones, AirPods Pro in Transparency Mode are our favorite

You will need Wifi or cellular data to download the tour initially, but once it has been purchased the tour will be stored for offline use. Only GPS is required to play the tour once downloaded. Most tours require less than 25mb of downloaded data. 

You can start, stop and replay the tour as many times as you'd like once you have purchased it. 

Riding with our Ride Guides is like riding with a friend who really knows the trails, but even better:

  • Our guides always go at your pace. Waypoints trigger by GPS, not speed. 
  • No scheduling required. Take a Trail Tour any time you want with no notice or planning. 
  • None of your friends know as many trails as well as our Ride Guides. 
  • Our tours are way cheaper than hiring an in-person guide. 

For your safety

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Be aware of the many hazards on and off the trails
  • Ride within your ability
  • Understand Trail Difficulty Ratings